Guilty pleasure testimony

“I have been to many aesthetic practitioners over the years until I found Laurie 5 years ago. I just love lauries honesty, she tells me when I need something as well as when I don’t need anything.

I never feel that I look treated or over done. I would really hate that! Especially because I couldn’t tell my husband that I have these types of treatments and my family and friends would judge me because of it too.

So I keep it as my little secret which makes me feel so much better about myself no matter what. I know when I need something to be done but I’m not always exactly sure what that little tweak will be. I just really want to look more fresh and less tired.

Laurie knows me so well and even has a special vein finding gadget that helps her see my veins so she doesn’t bruise me either.

I am so lucky to have found Laurie because she is such a talented artist and medical professional. She exudes calmness and kindness and she is very delicate and I completely trust her. She has an aesthetic eye like no one else I’ve ever been to.

After all this time I have only just been asked to provide a testimony for her, and I am more than happy to recommend her for her exceptional care artistry and brilliance, but please don’t tell my husband.”


Amanda | Hertfordshire

Laurie is amazing at Dermal Fillers

“Laurie advises and works very in tune with her clients. I have used Laurie for many years and am delighted with my subtle Botox and filler.”


Jane  | Buckinghamshire