Profhilo is an ideal treatment solution for skin that feels dry and dehydrated or looks dull and lacklustre. Winter can really take its toll on our skin, and now is the time to ‘spruce up’ our skin for Spring.

Often described as “an injectable moisturiser”, Profhilo can deliver this and more.  Profhilo contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid in its purest form; while also stimulating production of collagen and elastin. Once administered to the area of concern (face, neck or décolletage) via small and superficial skin injections, it will spread itself evenly underneath the surface of the skin and begin its work. Beneficial results are often visible within 4 weeks. A second treatment is recommended 4 weeks later, to achieve a compounded effect.

To welcome in Spring, we are offering 2 x Profhilo treatments for a total of £750 (normal RRP £900).

The offer period runs from 1st March 2024 to 31st May 2024. Please speak to Julie for bookings, further information and full offer Terms and Conditions.



The latest injectable regenerative medicine technology is here in clinic at Laurie Arias. Everyone in facial aesthetics is talking about Polyneucleotides at the moment. There is a real buzz around these treatments.

Polyneucleotides are an injectable skin conditioning and ‘moisturising’ treatment with a difference. They hydrate the skin and behave as an antioxidant; while also stimulating collagen and elastin fibres. I see this product as particularly beneficial for the extremely sensitive, crepey eye and neck skin; areas few other products can revive. 

As well as giving smoother, fresher looking and more glowing skin (without adding volume to the face), Polyneucleotides act as bio stimulators. This means they can kick-start regeneration of the skin, prompting skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. I would liken this as acting rather like ‘food’ for the skin cells.  I think it’s ideal for smile lines, extended crow’s feet, under-eye creases and the reduction of dark circles underneath the eyes; in addition to the neck (mid-line crepiness).

I have chosen a Polyneucleotide product called PhilArt for use in my clinic. It matches my own high standards of safety and efficacy (having 81 clinical papers behind it).



We’ve just brought Wow Fusion into our clinics. An innovative micro-needling device that allows me to create hyper-personalised skincare solutions; ideal for all your skincare needs. A bespoke fusion of micro-needling, mesotherapy and skin nutrition can improve these common skin concerns:

Oily skin & excess sebum   –  Fine lines & wrinkles  –  Hyperpigmentation  –  Excessive sweating  –  Dehydrated skin –  Open pores –  Rosacea –  Dull skin








I recently attended a specialist Menopause in Aesthetics conference in London. It was a fantastic and very busy event, addressing the many and various issues that a large percentage of the patient base of an aesthetics clinic will be experiencing; given that it is estimated 70% of women aged between 40 and 60 will be having hot flushes and night sweats, skin and intimate dryness and possibly a  myriad of other symptoms too.

My participation at the conference only confirmed my belief that any healthcare provider has a responsibility to be aware of menopausal symptoms, have a good understanding of them and to offer reassurance and empathy. Above all, they should take the time to listen to the concerns of their patients.

So please rest assured, I intend to offer my patients a more holistic approach when they come into clinic for their regular treatments. Menopause is no longer a taboo subject and women should never feel too embarrassed or afraid to talk about it.  We at Laurie Arias Skin Clinics are here for you.










New in clinic – Totally Derma collagen drink supplement is now available at Laurie Arias.

We’ve tried and tested a few collagen supplements over the past year or so and this one is our favourite.

Totally Derma is a pharma-grade product that works systematically to stimulate the body’s production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid; reducing inflammation in the skin and body and addressing the aesthetic signs of ageing and underlying physiological processes. The powdered drink supplement has a subtle vanilla taste and can be added to water, juice or even your morning yogurt. The product is of Bovine origin because it biochemically resembles human collagen, allowing it to be more effective in the body than marine alternatives and also contains a more complete spectrum of collagen types.










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Dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxant injectables are still the gold standard. But they cannot do absolutely everything on their own. The different ageing processes require a variety of approaches if we are to best ‘manage’ the gradual and natural changes that occur as we grow older. This is where Tech devices come in. We have a variety of the top, most effective, Tech treatments in our clinic. They can rejuvenate and tighten the skin and address issues such as crepey skin, fine lines, correcting tone and texture, sun damage, acne scarring and red thread veins. Even better, many of these devices can stimulate the production of new collagen and with minimal downtime.  You will find Tixel, Pellevé, ULTRACelQ+ and ThermaVein at Laurie Arias Skin Clinics.




On Thursdays we hold a one day per week clinic in Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire. Our clinic room is based within a brand new and state of the art osteopathy practice called the Cathcart Clinic (owned by the lovely Ellie Cathcart). We can offer quiet and private surroundings for our patients, in addition to the usual highest levels of expertise and patient care.  Practice Manager Julie Fell also takes our Farnham bookings and is on hand as ever to answer any questions you might have about our Thursday premises.  And of course, it is business as usual on all other days at our Oakwood, North London, clinic.











We’re really pleased to announce we now have a Pellevé machine of our own, which is permanently in clinic. This popular radio-frequency treatment can plump, lift and tighten the skin and leave you with a healthy glow. I particularly like to use Pellevé as an eye area rejuvenation treatment. Not only is it a great option for an area that is one of the more difficult to treat – it also has very minimal downtime. You may have a slightly pink/red face immediately after treatment but this should subside within a couple of hours and normal daily activities can be resumed.