Meet Tixel

Tixel is an advanced and innovative skin resurfacing treatment. It is as effective as a skin laser treatment with much less downtime and is more cost effective.


Treatment Information
Treatment time: 30 mins A recommended course of 3 treatments maybe required every 4 to 6 weeks.
Duration of results: up to 24 months.
Side-effects: mild swelling, mild redness and some micro crusting which can all be covered up with make up 48 hours later.

Tixel is a new way of treating the skin using a heat based device without the downtime of regular lasers.

Tixel is a non invasive, heat based device. The procedure is designed to safely and effectively treat crepy skin, facial wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, skin tone and texture, acne scars and active acne with minimal pain and minimal downtime.

The procedure involves tiny cones (incorporated into the hand held device) which are heated to a high temperature, and are impressed onto the skin so quickly that the heat is easily tolerated. Minor redness of the skin and micro crusts all resolves within 3-5 days. Over the next four to six weeks collagen is stimulated and smoother fresher skin is revealed.  Three treatments 4 weeks apart are recommended for best results.

Treatment of the whole face, neck, decollate and or eye treatments are all performed within 30 minutes.

Low downtime – you can return home immediately after the procedure.
Long lasting results – lasts 12 – 24 months after the recommended course of 3.

Tixel FAQ

What areas does Tixel treat?

Tixel treats the Face, Eyelids, Neck, Décolleté, Upper Lip and Chin Area.

Does Tixel hurt?

Local anesthetic cream is applied on cleansed skin before the treatment.
After the disinfection Laurie will proceed with the Tixel treatment.
Most patients will feel some heat, like sunburn.
At the end of the session there will be slight redness which disappears within a few hours.
Small visible micro crusting will appear at the site, around day 2-3. This can be covered up with make up 48 hours post treatment.
It is important not to scratch, pick or rub the skin whilst you have the micro crusting.
You will be given a gentle moisturiser and vitamin C as your aftercare which should be applied after 2 days.
Please do not use any Retinol based products, Laurie recommends Cetaphil or Avene which have no active ingredients and continue to use for 2 weeks.
Please reframe from having stream facials or saunas for 2 days.
You need to protect your skin from direct sunlight, Laurie recommends Heliocare SPF50 as part of your daily skin routine.

Side effects and downtime

You are likely to feel a sunburn type sensation of heat with minimal swelling upto 48 hours.
A pinkness may occur and small micro crusting will start to appear after a few days at the area treated lasting only a few days.

Tixel is not suitable for:

Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
If you have recently tanned your skin we advise waiting 4 weeks before having this treatment. Suntanned skin or immediately prior to sun exposure.

Tixel treatment Prices

Full face including neck area from £750
Full face, neck including eyelid Tixel from £950
Upper & lower eyelids Tixel from £400

How long does this treatment take and can I return to work.

The full Tixel treatment will take 30 minutes, you can go back to work but most patients do not due to some redness straight after the treatment.

How long between treatments do I need before my next Tixel

We recommend to leave 4 to 6 weeks between each treatment.iftly.