Is it ever too late for facial aesthetic treatments?

1 December 2021

It is never too late to consider a facial aesthetics treatment. But I will take a slightly different approach with an older patient, as our skin and facial structure goes through many changes as we age.

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Will I bruise after my injectable treatment?

23 September 2021

I’ve always been mindful of trying to avoid having patients leave my clinic with a bruise or mild swelling; long ago investing in an expensive, high tech gadget which shows where veins are located underneath the surface of the skin. I strive to minimise the risks as much as possible. But patients do need to know that no practitioner can ever give a 100% guarantee – no matter how experienced, careful and skilled they are.  This is why we always advise our patients to factor in plenty of time if they are booking treatments prior to a holiday or a big event.

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Pores for Thought

6 April 2021

Enlarged pores and blackheads are a common issue and can be a persistent problem to tackle.  Do not despair. We have several treatment options for you which can reduce visible pores and lead to clearer, healthier and more vibrant looking skin.

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A Harley Street experience right here!

28 September 2020

Laurie has a wealth of experience in and around the renowned area of Harley Street, Central London, as an expert cosmetic nurse practitioner.  But over 2020’s uncertain times, when everyone was losing their regular routines and adapting to new ones, we took the decision to relocate our Harley Street practice to Oakwood, North London.  And we haven’t looked back…

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Let’s Talk Lashes

19 June 2020

I’d  noticed a whole host of advertising from various brands about their miraculous serums and seen the photos of people showing off their long, beautiful lashes…

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Take your skin to the gym!

26 May 2020

Now is a great time to revive and renew your skin.   Restore that youthful glow and glory to your skin with Retinol.  I have always thought that using topical Retinol is rather like taking your skin to the gym!

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A journey to happier skin

18 May 2020

Over the years I’ve tried most skincare products, both cheap and expensive, in addition to my regular use of fake tan. I felt it gave me the appearance of a nice healthy glow, which I tended to hide behind. But then I became increasingly aware of the medical grade products from Obagi. I was reading a lot about the Obagi Nu-Derm System and had seen the great before and after photos and impressive reviews. So, what did I have to lose?

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I hated my eye bags!

29 April 2020

What could I do about my eye bags?

I needed these gone… and soon, please! For years I’d hidden behind my glasses (which I also dislike wearing, by the way!) while contemplating whether I should have laser treatment to correct my eyesight.  But why, when I would still have these awful eye bags staring back at me?  So of course I asked for Laurie’s help. What could be done? What would be the best treatment for me?

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Are Your Jowls Getting You Down?

18 April 2020

Are you prone to lifting the sides of your face whilst looking in your bathroom mirror and wondering whether your jowls are practising social distancing too? Maybe you take numerous selfies at that certain magical angle or suffer from ‘jawline envy’ and wonder how it is some women over a certain age just have an amazingly sharp and defined jawline?

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Dry Skin Rescue

7 April 2020

The current lockdown is affecting all our lives in so many ways and the condition of our skin, although seemingly trivial in the overall scheme of things, is causing some unwanted issues. Is your skin as dry as mine and bothering you a bit right now? Is it looking a bit dull, flaky or scaly in areas and are you seeing more fine lines and wrinkles than usual?

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