Privacy Policy

We have written our Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand the information we collect from you and why we need to do this.

We are required by law to provide you with a notice that explains our privacy practices with regard to your medical information, treatment notes and payments.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect across the European Union in May 2018. Designed to harmonize privacy laws across Europe, the GDPR refines the transparency rules for how companies describe their data processing.

Nothing will change as to how your information is processed and the way in which we collect and store it securely.

Patient Treatment Notes

As part of your registration with Laurie Arias we require your contact details in order to liaise with you efficiently. This would include your name, address, DOB, email, mobile and next of kin details. If you wish to view, change or update this information please contact our Practice Manager.

The use of your personal details are for prescriptive purposes only, in order that we can provide your agreed treatment. The prescription is sent directly and securely to our London Pharmacy suppliers.  We will be happy to provide details of the pharmacy holding your records upon request.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation we only hold personal treatment notes for the maximum retention period – which is 10 years following your last appointment.

Patient General Lifestyle Information

As part of your treatment protocol with Laurie Arias Skin Clinics, there will be an initial consultation where Laurie will ask you to give an overview of your general lifestyle.

This is important information, as it could possibly impact on your treatment downtime and potentially your treatment outcome.

Medical History & Consent Forms

An online Medical History & Consent form is required from your first visit.  Without this completed information and consent form, your planned treatment will not be able to go ahead.

As part of your treatment protocol with Laurie Arias, she will need to know your medical history in order to ensure that the treatment she prescribes for you will be suitable, safe and effective.

The Consent section should be read carefully; as it covers any possible risks and side effects.  You should take sufficient time to consider the information, risks and likely outcome of the proposed treatment you have had explained to you.

Once you are fully informed about the treatment to be carried out, have discussed it fully with Laurie and understand any possible complications that could occur,  you will be required to sign your consent to the treatment being administered.

All patients will be asked to declare that the information they have given is accurate to the best of their knowledge and that no medical or surgical information has been knowingly withheld.

You will agree to inform us of any changes to your health or of any medication taken in the future.

You understand you can withdraw your consent to treatment at any time up to and after the start of the treatment; providing it is safe and practical to stop the treatment.

You consent to the use of a topical anaesthetic cream.
You consent to the use of Lidocaine.  This is a numbing agent present within the injectable product itself.  Most of the products used will include Lidocaine.

You consent to the use of before and after photos being taken – which do not reveal your identity and are only looked at by Laurie Arias Skin Clinics, as they may form part of your medical notes.  Any such images will never be used or placed on our website or social media without your prior consent.

You consent to information regarding your treatment being sent to your GP in the event of an emergency.

You consent to your next of kin being contacted and information regarding the treatment being shared with your next of kin in the event of an emergency.

During your initial consultation Laurie will review and discuss your proposed course of treatment.  You will be asked to sign your acknowledgement that you understand the course of treatment outlined to you and that you have read and understood the online medical and consent form.

Patient Information on our online booking system

Your clinic appointments are made through an online clinic practice management system called Cliniko. Security of confidential data is taken extremely seriously.

The details that we input onto the booking system include name, mobile, address, email address, gender and date of birth.

To book your appointments we are required to input your name and have a valid mobile or email address to secure the booking on our system.  These details are needed in order to generate your booking and to deliver appointment confirmations and reminders to your mobile phone or email.

If you require not to receive notifications of your appointments, please contact our Practice Manager and she will delete any contact number or email address from our booking system.

We also store medical history,  treatment consent and consultation and treatment notes on the Cliniko online booking system.  This online tool enables us to run our clinics smoothly and efficiently.  However, should you prefer not to have your information stored on Cliniko, please let us know.

Your privacy is very important to us. We will never sell your data. All your details will be stored securely online and we will only send you communications that are relevant to you and according to your stated preferences.

Third Party suppliers

As previously mentioned in our Privacy Policy, as part of the prescribing process it is a legal requirement for us to use registered pharmacists to supply the products that Laurie recommends for your use.

As part of this process, every prescription must be issued to a particular individual. Details required in this process will include their name, DOB and address. This information is sent via secure encryption to our carefully chosen pharmaceutical suppliers, who in turn have their own data encryption processes.

Card payment processing

Credit or debit card payments are processed via Worldpay.  Should you wish to view it, Worldpay’s own Privacy Policy can be found at

Laurie Arias Skin Clinics do not store card details and our card terminals are always securely locked away after use.

Queries or complaints

Please contact our Practice Manager should you wish to:

  • Discuss our Privacy Policy
  • Request details of information we have stored
  • Request we remove any personal information from our records