The Process

We pride ourselves on our client care and personalised service.
For us this means that before, during and after your treatments, we are there to listen, advise and support and ensure that you have the best possible experience with us, all in complete confidentiality, within the confines of our discretely located clinics.

Introducing our Practice Manager
Our Practice Manager, the delectable Julie Fell, has been with Laurie since the inception of the clinics. With a 25 year background in a variety of premier customer care roles at British Airways, she brings not only a wealth of experience to this position, but also knowledge, great warmth and discretion.

Julie is the first point of contact and indeed will remain on hand to respond to any needs or queries throughout your time with us, either by email or phone.


In order to advise on the most suitable and safest treatment for you, it is vital that we are completely aware of your medical history. All new clients complete a medical consent form as well as an in-depth questionnaire on their health and lifestyle prior to their consultation. These are updated periodically.

Our Consultations
Laurie’s in-depth consultations with each new client are a key part of the process and provide the foundation for a relationship that we hope will exceed your expectations. Together, you will discuss your concerns. Laurie will assess your skin type and quality and your 3D facial anatomy and movement. Based on this assessment, your goals and her vast knowledge of skin treatments and procedures, she will advise on a plan that is completely bespoke and that will give you the optimal, most natural looking results. All treatments and procedures will be fully explained.

It is essential that we fully understand and address you needs. Existing clients will always have the opportunity for an update on new requirements or procedures they may be interested in, or advice they require, prior to treatments.