Gill’s Journey (Volume Replacement Therapy)

As we get older, on average our faces will lose about 6mls of volume between the age of 30 and 60.  Gill has undergone a topical VRT (Volume Replacement Therapy) programme with me, which illustrates a typical dermal filler treatment requirement for most of my patients who seek my services during their 40s, 50s and 60s. 

With my knowledge of Gill’s natural facial anatomy, the ageing process and the deep and superficial fat pad distribution, I employed a combination of carefully selected high grade hyaluronic acid dermal fillers within my cache and used a cannula for every area of treatment.

Her natural looking rejuvenation and transformational results were achieved with 6ml of dermal filler over a 6-month period; although it can be achieved in as little as 3 months or spread over a more gradual 9-12 months.


With respect to Gill’s natural facial shape and her facial expressions, I respectfully and carefully replaced the volume that she had lost underneath her skin as safely as possible, by using as little product as necessary and causing as little bruising as possible.


I used a cannula to administer the hyaluronic acid dermal filler in all the areas – which is a highly advanced skill which I have mastered over many years of practice. But well worth it in order to optimise safety and minimise bruising. It also maximised the overall smoothness and contouring effect. I treated the following areas:

Tear trough (under eye hollowing and shadowing)   

Mid cheeks (malar groove)

Naso labial (the hollows around her nose)

Marionettes (the creases leading from the corners of her mouth downwards to her chin)

By replacing and restoring this integral fat pad structure (deep and superficial fat pads) Gill looks more lifted, restructured, refreshed and rejuvenated. I would add that I never use a uniform or ‘cookie cutter’ approach because each and every one of my patients has a unique and beautifully individual face and I will literally follow the blueprint of their face to achieve effective and very natural looking results.