Take your skin to the gym!

Obagi 360 Retinol 0.5%

Now is a great time to revive and renew your skin. Restore that youthful glow and glory to your skin with Retinol. I have always thought that using topical Retinol is rather like taking your skin to the gym!

Like exercise has health-giving benefits for your body, Retinol can do the same for your skin. It is full of benefits and assists you skin to become healthier, function much better, become more resilient and slow down the process of ageing. It will also leave the skin clearer, smoother and bouncier. And it’s scientifically proven to improve fine lines, reduce pores and even treats acne.

Did you know that cosmetic surgeons in the USA prefer their patients’ skin to be in its best condition prior to surgical procedures? The canvas of the skin can be prepped by the use of the correct medically-graded skincare, in order to boost the effectiveness of the surgical enhancements being carried out.

Topical Retinol needs to be gradually eased into your skin; too much too soon will leave your skin with side effects of peeling and redness, tightness and maybe feeling a little sore. I liken these to the similar symptoms your body will experience post exercise, such as sore and achey muscles.

At your first visit to the gym, you wouldn’t try to pound out a 10k run without at least warming up first or having put in weeks of shorter distances to build your body up to it. So it makes sense not to treat your skin so quickly either. Retinol comes in different strengths, graded in percentages. You would begin with the lower percentage of active ingredient and you would also start by using a small amount and gradually increase this as your skin acclimatises to it. Any side effects can be controlled by decreasing frequency of use until your skin settles down.

Tretinoin (or Vitamin A) and Retinol are pretty much the same product. Tretinoin is the stronger cream, while Retinol is a derivative and may contain emollients (a type of moisturiser) for more sensitive skin types.

Returning to my theme of the gym, of course we could implement both types of gym work – and aim for a fabulous figure along with bouncy, baby-fresh skin for a flawless face!

by Laurie Arias, RN INP