Let’s Talk Lashes

By Julie Fell, Practice Manager

I think we’d all like to have longer, healthy and natural-looking eyelashes, wouldn’t we? I will usually happily go off to have my nails, hair and eyelashes done; as well as eyebrow threading or waxing.

When lockdown began, I found I had just three individual eyelashes literally holding on for dear life!  I have probably noticed this type of thing a little more lately because I think I’ve been spending a bit longer staring at my face in the mirror over the past couple of months, while I’ve had the time!

So anyway, when lockdown began and my natural lashes were so sparse, I wondered whether there was any kind of alternative solution while my local beautician was closed.  I’d noticed a whole host of advertising from various brands about their miraculous serums and seen the photos of people showing off their long, beautiful lashes.  I also thought about changing mascaras as a viable option but I wanted a really low maintenance, longer-lasting result and with minimal faff!

Of course, this came up in one of my regular phone conversations with Laurie and we had a lovely chat all about eyelashes.  She happened to have some stock of RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner which she recommended I try and she also told me the lovely background story that surrounds it.

This product – and the creation of the entire RevitaLash Cosmetics company – came about in 2006 when Dr Michael Brinkenhoff wanted to find a way to make his wife, Gayle, feel more beautiful.  Gayle was going through treatment for breast cancer and had lost her hair and lashes, much to her distress.  Her husband wanted to help her through her recovery; if only in a small way.  He later described watching her be excited about her beautiful-looking lashes as a “real joy”.  And so their RevitaLash company was born. They continue to give back a portion of their profits to support breast cancer research and education initiatives all year round.

I loved this story and in addition, this particular eyelash product certainly seemed the most popular and well-reviewed.  It claimed to protect against breakage and brittleness and to improve flexibility, moisture and shine for dramatic-looking lashes.  So I thought I’d give it a go.

It was super-easy to use.  A nightly routine of applying a thin layer to the base of your clean and dry eyelashes.  It is like a thin, liquid eyeliner with a thin brush tip which you swipe across your lash line just before bedtime.  Easy!  After continuing this nightly routine for 2-3 weeks, I could see a definite improvement to my lashes.  They look conditioned and were growing longer. When I put my mascara on, they looked positively wow. I did have a few comments about my great eyelashes and I was really happy that people had noticed them.

Over the next three weeks I continued with the routine until my lashes reached the length that I wanted (well…I didn’t want them touching my eyebrows, did I?!) I did worry a bit that they were going to just keep on growing!

I still had a lot of product left, so I stored it in my fridge and whenever I need a top-up, I re-apply for another three weeks to keep my lashes looking fab.  Conveniently, RevitaLash is available in two different sizes.  If you just wanted to try it first, you can opt for the smaller, 2ml tube (approx 3 months’ supply).  If you already love it as much as I do, you can opt for the larger size of 3.5ml, which should last around six months.  Don’t forget to store it in your fridge. I do tend to keep a few of my opened skincare products in the fridge….it’s a wonder I still have some room for the food!

I’ve found this to be a great product.  It does what it says and helps you achieve healthy, natural-looking and longer eyelashes in just three to six weeks and with minimal faff.  Just as I’d wanted.  I should also add it’s very gentle and safe to use and includes anti-inflammatory botanicals in its ingredients.  For long term lovely lashes you will need to continue using it as I have done.  The natural life cycle of our lashes means they will grow to a certain length, fall out and then start all over again.

If, like me, you’re not one of the lucky ones for whom nature has blessed with thick and longer-looking lashes, at least there is an uncomplicated remedy for those lacking in the lash department!