Is it ever too late for facial aesthetic treatments?

It is never too late to consider an aesthetic treatment and in fact I do see many patients who have thought about it for years but were worried about vanity or it being a little too late for them. I love to adapt my treatments to an older skin.

But my approach is different because by your mid-60s and 70s your skin and facial structure has gone through many changes. I will take a full physical and medical assessment and give realistic expectations of the results that can be achieved without surgery; something I am very passionate about. I will take into account factors such as pre-existing sun damage and will advise on which treatments are best suited to this skin type.

I’d also add that skin becomes thinner as we get older and blood vessels become much more fragile; so the possibilty of a bruise after an injectable treatment is a bigger risk factor than for a younger patient.

Although I usually like to take a ‘less is more’ approach to treatments such as dermal fillers, with an older patient it is often necessary to build up gradually over several appointments, rather than a single 1ml wonder which can’t achieve miraculous results.

I like to begin by ‘lifting’ the face in the first instance by tackling volume loss around the eyes and cheeks, ‘sad’ mouth and heavy nose to mouth lines. This will be tackled incrementally and once this is achieved, I’ll move on to other concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles.

I would liken this approach to restoring a house. You would first make sure the structure of the house was sound before you embarked on the decorative details, wouldn’t you?!

Just like an architect, all my treatment plans are completely bespoke to your own individual features as we are all unique.