I hated my eye bags!

What could I do about my eye bags?

Firstly, I have to say I had always hated looking at my eyes in the mirror or in photographs.  In all the photos of me without my glasses on, all I could see was these eye bags so prominently staring back at me!

I needed these gone… and soon, please! For years I’d hidden behind my glasses (which I also dislike wearing, by the way!) while contemplating whether I should have laser treatment to correct my eyesight.   But why, when I would still have these awful eye bags staring back at me?  So of course I asked for Laurie’s help.  What could be done? What would be the best treatment for me?

Laurie recommended I have two to three ablative Tixel treatments (ablative is the highest device setting) to blast the fat pads away from my eyes.  Thank goodness I had some hope!

Tixel treatments for my eyes

  • Tixel is a thermal fractional skin rejuvenation machine
  • Tixel employs a hot titanium tip which transfers direct heat to the upper dermis.
  • Treatment is nearly painless, healing is fast and downtime is short.

My Tixel Treatment Experience

After my initial wince – it felt a bit like very briefly being flicked with an elastic band -Laurie performed the treatment with gentleness and precision. This was relatively pain free and to my surprise was all over within 15 minutes. I did experience some slight redness and heat I can only describe as the heat feeling being similar to when you have caught the sun. However, this was minimal and disappeared within a few hours.

And Afterwards

On waking the next morning, my eyes were slightly swollen, which was to be expected.  However this did go within a few days. Great, I was on my way to the eyes I wanted!

Over the next week I did get some dryness and tiny little micro crusting.  Laurie told me not to touch these…so I did what I was told and left them well alone and over the coming weeks these minute little crustings disappeared.  Hooray!

The Results

My eyes looked positively great.  My eye bags had flattened, plus the whole eye area looked generally more rejuvenated.

On Lauries recommendation I went for Tixel treatment no 2 (treatments are recommended 4 to 6 weeks apart for the best results.) Of course another ablative treatment was advised…so I went for it!  I must say I’m so so happy I had the 2nd Tixel, as not only have my eye bags flattened even more but my whole eye area looks fresh. I’m now ready to face the world and not hide behind my sunglasses!

Would I Recommend a Tixel treatment?……
I would definitely recommend this treatment if you suffer with any under eye bags, fine lines or crepiness. I’m so impressed, that I will be booking in for Tixel no. 3 once we are out of lockdown. Here’s hoping it will be soon!

The link to our Tixel Treatment page is below, for anyone who’d like to know more:

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